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Item #78834 Nimmer on Copyright. 11 Vols. Current through Release 111/August 2020. David Nimmer.

Nimmer on Copyright. 11 Vols. Current through Release 111/August 2020

Nimmer on Copyright. Melville B. Nimmer; David Nimmer. LexisNexis. 11 Volumes. Looseleaf format. Complete set, current through release 111/August 2020. Ex-private law firm library, very good. Publishers Price USD 13,357. Special $1,995. * Nimmer on Copyright is the undisputed leading authority for in-depth, comprehensive analysis of U.S. copyright law and is the most cited work in the field. Cited in more than 3100 decisions by U.S. federal and state courts, no other treatise is relied upon by judges as heavily as Nimmer on Copyright. This definitive work is a rich resource for the expert as well as the practitioner just beginning to explore the arena. Nimmer on Copyright has appeal both to the domestic and international audience. Accompanying the emergence of global communications, U.S. copyright issues are increasingly relevant to foreign parties whose protected works are easily being transmitted from foreign locales into the United States. Provides in-depth, comprehensive analysis of modern U.S. copyright law affecting printed works, plays and motion pictures, music, artistic property, software and digital content delivered over the Internet. Up-to-date guidance on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act -- including copyright protection to combat piracy and rules to determine liability for online infringement. Expert insights into open questions of law and suggested lines of argument to plan the most effective strategies for your clients -- and maximize the scope of their copyright protection. Outstanding litigation forms provided by top intellectual property litigators. State-of-the-art transactional forms with side-by-side commentary wr written by leading copyright law practitioners. Text of all relevant statutes, regulations, treaties and legislative histories.

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Book number 78834

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