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Item #78880 United States Supreme Court Reports L.ed [1st] Vols. 1-100 (1790-1956). Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company.

United States Supreme Court Reports L.ed [1st] Vols. 1-100 (1790-1956)

United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers Edition [1st series]. Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, 1917-1956. Volumes 1 to 100 (1790-1956). Covering United States Reports volumes 1 to 351, in 100 books. Publisher's original olive green cloth with contrasting red and black gilt lettering pieces. Sixteen (16) linear feet of shelf space. A very good set. Special $1,495. * "The distinctive features of the Lawyers Edition are first its completeness, since it reprints every case in all of the original reports (United States Reports volumes 1 to 351), and prints some that were omitted from them; second, the retention, in most cases, of summaries of the arguments of counsel; third, the addition of extensive annotations; fourth, retention of original page numbering in brackets, e.g. (*282), so that the same citations serve for them and for the original reports; fifth, uniformity in style of printing throughout the entire series, which is not the fact with the original reports; and sixth, minimum shelf space required..." Hicks, Materials and Methods of Legal Research. 3d rev. ed. 141.

Price: $1,495.00

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