Submissions Desk/Exam Copies


Talbot Publishing Book Proposal Form

We welcome book proposals as well as suggestions of reprint projects enhanced by new scholarly introductions.

We do not publish unrevised theses. For purposes of review we will need details of how the material will be revised, either in the form of a detailed revision plan or a rewritten chapter illustrating the revision.

Examination Copy Policy

Examination copies are available at a 30% discount. To obtain an examination copy, please submit your request on academic letterhead by mail or fax, and provide us with:

  1. Course name
  2. Season
  3. Anticipated enrollment
  4. Your name
  5. Shipping address (no P.O. box numbers)
  6. Your telephone number
  7. Your email address

Books purchased at this low price are not returnable. All examination copy orders must be pre-paid. We accept checks or credit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa).

Desk Copy Policy

If one of our titles is adopted as a text, we will send a desk copy to the qualified course instructor at no charge once your bookstore order has been placed directly with us and confirmed for a minimum of 10 copies. We require that you provide us, on academic letterhead by mail or fax,  the professor’s name, shipping address (no P.O. box numbers) and contact telephone number or email, and a copy of the bookstore's order.

All examination and desk copies are provided at our discretion.

We are unable to process any examination or desk copy requests via email or telephone. Please fax or email your request on academic department letterhead as described above.